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What they leave out speaks volumes 

By Ron Marr



    Politicians should receive awards for idiotic stunts, sleazy machinations and purposeful deceptions in the same way actors receive Oscars for box office blockbusters, PC epics, and cinematic celebrations of perversity. It's only fitting that America recognize "public servants" whose goal is to stimulate class warfare, fire the flames of racial hatred and foster animosity towards the financially successful.

    For instance, the award for "Most Racist Comment Uttered By A Senator On National TV But Pretty Much Ignored By The Press AND The NAACP 'Cause He's A Democrat," would go to Senator Robert Byrd for his use of the odious phrase "White Nigger" during a recent Fox News interview. Can you imagine the firestorm if Jesse Helms had said that?  The press would have set a Guinness record for knot-tying in their rush to lynch the guy.

    I'm curious. Where's the outrage of Teddy Kennedy over Byrd's comment? He assaulted John Ashcroft without a shred of evidence that he harbored racist viewpoints?  Why the silence now?  Could Teddy be a hypocrite? Surely not.

    The award for "Best Imitation Of The Robot From The Original 'Lost In Space' Series" would be presented to Al Gore.  The award for "Best Performance By A Poorly Made Ventriloquist's Dummy Lacking Eyebrows" would be given to Dick Gephart. Last but not least, the nod for "Most Pathetic
Use Of Visual Aids In An Attempt To Con The Public" would be the undisputed property of South Dakota's radical lib in non-residence, Senator Tom Daschle.

    Did anybody else raise eyebrows over Daschle's ludicrous claim that rich Americans would get a tax refund big enough to buy a new Lexus, while poor Americans would receive only enough cash for a muffler?  Give me a break; NOBODY is getting a refund, despite how the Democrats paint it. George W Bush's plan is about reducing tax rates, allowing people to recoup some of the tax overcharge perpetrated  by that Arkie who was partial to fat chicks, rich fugitives and restricted country clubs. Daschle's dog and pony show was a typically liberal attempt to kill long overdue tax reduction via the politics of class hatred.
    The man has been going around claiming Bush's tax cut is unfair, that the rich benefit more than the poor. Let's carefully review his words and discover the truth.

    A press release Daschle put out on February 27th claims 63% of South Dakotans earn under $30,000 a year. He asserts that many of those individuals would receive little or no relief under the Bush tax plan. If viewed from one perspective this is a true statement. However, as we have
learned over the past eight years, any statement from a Democrat politician must be dissected inch by inch.

    Yes, 63% of South Dakotans earn less than $30,000 a year.  In fact, quite a few of those folks earn so much less that THEY CURRENTLY PAY NO TAXES!  People who don't pay taxes do not get tax relief because THEY CAN'T PAY LESS THAN NOTHING!  That a person does not make enough money to pay taxes is not the fault or responsibility of government. That's life, and upgrading one's economic circumstance is a matter of ambition and personal responsibility.

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   Democrats would disagree. They would rather the hard-earned money of tax paying, working people go towards supporting the sloth of non-tax paying, non-working people. Why?  Because the majority of non-tax paying, non-working people overwhelmingly vote a straight Democratic ticket.

    Daschle also regurgitates the Gore campaign phrase that the top 1% of taxpayers would receive 43% of all tax relief. The Senator said "why should a New York investment banker making $915,000 a year receive a $46,000 tax cut, while an Aberdeen firefighter making $25,000 gets no relief at all?"

    Again, this is an effective long as you properly neglect  relevant facts.  Daschle forgot to mention that the New York banker probably paid $350,000 or more in taxes last year. Next year, under the Bush tax plan, he would still pay roughly $300,000. Daschle also doesn't tell you how much tax the firefighter paid. Did he pay anything? Maybe he depreciated both his firetruck and his Dalmation. How many kids does he have? Did he have enough deductions that he paid nothing?

    Tom forgot to provide those details. How convenient.

    What we have here is a perfect example of the Democratic agenda. Their motivating goal is to punish success, to discourage people from striving, to prohibit those who have done well from passing their legacy on to their children.  The Democratic agenda - as espoused by Daschle - is the failed, Socialistic concept of wealth redistribution. He and his party
believe the government should control the personal income of the middle and upper classes, and dole it out to the least productive and least ambitious members of society as THEY see fit . This is not surprising, as the least productive and least ambitious members of society are the backbone of the Democratic constituency.

    Daschle and the Democrats don't want fairness for all people, for that would require fairness to those of all political stripes and economic stations. All they want is YOUR money.

    Why do they want your money?  That's easy.

    So they can buy themselves votes.

Ron Marr is an award winning newspaper and internet columnist, not to mention the celebrated Pitmaster of the Pony Bar-B-Q, Pony, Montana. To subscribe to Ron's  FREE weekly e-mail newsletter - loaded with news,views, snooze, blatant self promotion and BBQ tips - just write to Ask for his Marr-Mail Alert.

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