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Clinton just needs an excuse to visit Springer

By Ron Marr


    We have been pardoned. Our eight year sentence is over. The Oval Office will no longer be dishonored by a man who is a liar, a cheat,  a crook, probably a rapist and undoubtedly a murderer (lets ask the civilian population of Kosovo...shall we?). Oh sure, the founder of "the most ethical administration in American history" will still try and keep his name in the press. Bill Clinton will still grant interviews, make snide comments, attempt to undermine the Bush presidency and basically behave in the classless manner one expects from a spoiled and sadistic Mama's boy. However, as each day passes, Clinton will become more and more irrelevant, and more and more depressed over his irrelevancy.

    I'll be laughing my head off.

    I'm sorry. How intolerant and insensitive. I feel Bill's pain, and wish him well in whatever his new career may be. Whether he chooses pimp, game show host or porn shop owner, I'm sure he will do just fine. Although Bill is entering unknown territory by braving the private sector - remember, he's never had a job and isn't even qualified to ask "want fries
with that?" - I've got faith in the boy. Anybody with the initiative to bomb a Sudanese aspirin factor in order to distract the world from his dalliance with a thong-bedecked obese intern is a real "can do" type of fellow.

    So, in just a few short days Bill will move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the fumigation can begin.  George Bush is worthy of our respect, and his admirable cabinet appointments indicate that he will not tolerate the whining threats of the Democrat minority.

    My advice to President Bush would be to move quickly and to show absolutely no mercy, for the liberals have proven that they wish to hamstring him at every turn. Their hypocritical attack on former Labor Secretary nominee Linda Chavez was low even by Democrat standards; if the situation had been reversed the lefties would have scampered to the rooftops and screamed endlessly of racism, gender bias and the heartless nature of conservatives.  The Clinton minions have already shown they have no interest in bipartisanship, and our new President should treat them with contempt, running roughshod over their pork barrel programs and false empathy while he has the chance.

    President Bush should realize that the vast majority of the press is lined up against him. They will spare no effort in attempting to mislead the public into believing that Republicans are the personification of all evil. Lacking any substantive topic on which to attack, liberally biased "journalists" have made jokes about Mr. Bush's intelligence a staple of their "reporting." Their mockery is an attempt to convince unthinking Americans that all conservatives are intellectually impotent. They wish to convey the myth that - without Bill Clinton - the Oval Office is bereft of leadership and direction.

    I've noticed that most American liberals - who decide issues based on emotion and hand wringing rather than logic and fact - have fallen into lockstep with the press and are also engaged in this ridiculous assault on the mental horsepower of the President, not to mention conservatives in general. Frankly, I have to wonder about the intelligence of those who can come up with no better insult than "Hey dude, you're stupid. "  What will be their next plan of attack?  Gum to the hair?  Spit balls? A wedgie?

    No, George Bush should ignore the leftist naysayers, perverts and freaks and proudly celebrate his core values of enlightened conservatism. Liberals are terrified because the forces of right once again control the seats of power, because men of honor man the helm. Bush should not court those groups who voted against him, for any action he would take to try and bridge the ideological gap would be viewed as weakness. Liberals will never accept compromise. They arrogantly believe all who fail to agree with their opinions are dumb, damned and damned dumb.  They are so blinded by their need for adoration from the underprivileged that they are unable to articulate any form of realistic discourse.

    I would hope Mr. Bush would engage in a massive restructuring of each and every regulatory division of government, either revoking the illegal powers these agencies have been granted in violation of the 10th Amendment or (better yet) disbanding them entirely. He should fight to outlaw the Brady Act, that reprehensible violation of the Second Amendment. He should do everything in his power to reverse the environmental heresy of
Bill Clinton, particularly the outgoing Commander in Heat's 58,000,000 acre land grab of two weeks back. All of the west will be watching that one, and President Bush's actions on this matter may well determine the intensity of our future allegiance.

    My wish list is a mile long, and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. I'll probably be satisfied by the outpouring of liberal outrage which will accompany each utterance of John Ashcroft or Gale Norton. Maybe we can get John to go after the National Endowment for the Arts. That would really send the humor impaired left wing into convulsions. might even provide the flimsy excuse Bill Clinton needs to appear on Jerry Springer.

Black Dog Publishing, 2001

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