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Only you can keep liberalism in its grave

By Ron Marr


    Liberals of all shapes, sizes, race, gender and sexual deviancy are in denial over the fact that they have lost The White House. They cannot believe that the Clinton years are over. The concept of a decent, ethical
and honest administration is so foreign to their mindset that they are bewildered and bereft. No longer is it chic to celebrate perversity. Whatever will the Democrats do?

    Mostly, they will utter a host of side-splitting predictions and not so veiled threats. The former have already shown themselves to be less accurate than the prognostications of a drunken astrologer. The latter will soon prove themselves to be emptier than the minds of the self-serving con artists who utter them.

    First we heard the Clinton minions assert that President-elect George Bush would roll over like a whipped puppy and appoint a collection of spineless, touchy-feely, liberal Republicans to his cabinet. Of course, Mr. Bush adopted an exact opposite strategy. He went out of his way to pick folks known for their brains, ability and conservative leanings. Moreover - in a manner reminiscent of the inclusive, color-blind ideals set forth by Dr. Martin Luther King - Mr. Bush selected nominees based upon character rather than pigmentation.

    When Bill Clinton took office, he told the country he would appoint a cabinet which was a picture of America. To give him credit, he did. Unfortunately, the part of America Bill had in mind was more like a bi-sexual bordello in San Francisco than a small town in Oregon, Nebraska or Wisconsin. Bill appointed his cabinet on the basis of how they would play in the press centers of the east and west coasts.  Most of them were idiots to the core. Some turned out to be murderers.  Others turned out to be murder victims. More than a couple were merely incompetent refugees on sabbatical from carnival freak shows.

    In contrast, Mr. Bush carefully sought out candidates respected for their intelligence and beliefs.  As a result Mr. Bush has top drawer advisors like Colin Powell, Christie Whitman, Condoleezza Rice, Gale Norton and John Ashcroft.

    I had to say it.  I just had to. I wanted to hear the Democrats swear.  Let me say it again. I love it when their teeth gnash.

    John Ashcroft.

    In case you haven't heard, Jesse Jackson (aka: the aforementioned self-serving con artist) is spearheading an effort by civil rights groups to confront Democratic Senators at public events and insist they vote against Ashcroft. In truth Jackson is only doing this so he can get on TV. As always, his stated reasons are a pack of lies designed solely to deceive the black community he pretends to revere.

    Jackson claims Ashcroft is a racist, basing his argument on the former Missouri Senator's successful attempt to kill the nomination of State Supreme Court Judge Ronnie White (who happens to be black) to the federal bench. Of course, Jackson only tells folks what he wants them to hear. He doesn't tell them that, while Governor of Missouri (1985-1993) Ashcroft signed into law a state holiday honoring Martin Luther King; established musician Scott Joplin's house as Missouri's only historic site honoring a black man; and  named a black woman to a state judgeship. He also doesn't tell them that, as a Senator, Ashcroft supported 90 percent of the black judicial nominees who came up for vote.

    Last but not least, Jackson does not want ANYONE to know that Ashcroft opposed the Ronnie White nomination not because of the racial prejudices alleged by Bill Clinton and leading Democrats (at the time, SD
Senator Tom Daschle said "this vote tells judicial candidates 'do not apply.'") but rather because White was a crappy judge.

    Ronnie White was the most liberal jurist on the Missouri Supreme Court, having joined or written three times as many dissents in death penalty cases as his fellow judges combined. When the Missouri Supreme Court upheld the death penalty verdict against James Johnson (who had butchered a sheriff, two sheriff's deputies and another sheriff's wife in 1991) it was Ronnie White who dissented. Due to the overwhelming evidence in the case (it was not disputed that Johnson was the murderer, the appeal was based on a typically liberal, last-ditch effort at an insanity defense) Ashcroft suspected White's dissent was an effort to change the law, rather than apply it. Thus, when White was suggested for the federal bench, Ashcroft began his effort to kill the nomination. Luckily, that effort paid off. White was one of those leftist judges who favored criminals over victims.

    Ashcroft deserved a medal. Instead he got kicked.

    However, a new era is upon us. While the liberals seethe with befuddled anger, babbling about the good old days of fat interns, cocaine orgies in the Lincoln Bedroom and dubious suicides, the adults will proceed with the business of erasing eight years of scandal and corruption. For the time being we are shed of the global embarrassment that was Clintonism. We are breaking the chains of federal interference which have darkened every aspect of our lives.

    However, during this transition it is important that we remember our manners. Be kind to the forlorn liberals. After all, they've had a death in the family.

    And it's up to us to make sure that liberalism stays in its grave.

Black Dog Publishing, 2001

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