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Bring Back Clinton!

By Brian “Kingfish” Trascher


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I figured that title was enough to grab anyone’s attention.  Now, before my readers completely freak out and think that I have joined the ranks of the millions of Americans who were utterly duped by the so-called irresistible charm of our former President, let me assure you that this is simply an entry into my latest idea on how President Bush can gain some serious ground this week.

What is the most important issue that President Bush is facing right now?  It’s not the situation with the Chinese.  It’s not campaign finance reform.  Give up?  It’s passing his tax cut!  He ran on it, he came right out of the gates with it, the American people want it (that’s right Dan Rather, we want it!), and if he doesn’t get it passed then the lib’s will say “I told you so” and the Republicans could get annoyed enough to not turn out in the mid-term elections. What, you may ask yourself, does any of this have to do with Bill Clinton?  Well, here goes.

The standoff with China is really just a horsefly in Bush’s stall right now, but he could really turn it into to the political play of the week.  I believe he is quickly gaining the respect of many around the world for standing his ground and not caving on the apology for doing nothing wrong.  If Clinton were still President not only would he have apologized but he probably would have had the American taxpayers buy them a new plane.  After all, if memory serves me correctly the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and a little over 50 years later Bill Clinton was over in Japan apologizing for dropping the A-bomb!  What’s that all about?  Anyway, I could go on about Bill Clinton all day, but back to Bush’s spin of the century

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My suggestion is that President Bush commissions President Clinton as a special envoy to China to try and negotiate and hopefully bring our serviceman and women home (we all know Clinton can make deals with the Chinese pretty successfully!).  This will show that Bush can reach out across party lines for the good of the country as well as give old Bill some badly missed limelight.  I believe the gesture would go a long way with Congressional Democrats and could smooth out the roadblocks on Bush’s tax package.

It may sound a little crazy at first, especially since the absence of Clinton lately has been a welcome one for most of us, but consider the bottom line.  Clinton would be hard pressed to criticize Bush for awhile, Bush will probably pick up a few allies in Congress for his tax cut, and most importantly our members of the military in China would more than likely come home without us having to apologize.  And the American people would end up with more take home pay until the Democrats take over Congress or the White House again.  Hey -- stranger things have happened!

The “Kingfish” is a political analyst from Louisiana and is an expert commentator on National and Louisiana politics. He is a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Political Science.

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