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Democrats Not Overly Impressive So Far

By Brian “Kingfish” Trascher



            Ok, ok, I realize it’s been a while since anyone has heard from the Kingfish.  But due to popular demand I have emerged from my incognito, fact-finding mode and am ready to return to the honorable duty of liberal watch-dogging and truth reporting.  Now that complete self-indulgence has been fully taken advantage of, I feel obligated to comment on the ever so-lame tactics being used by the Democrats in Congress in an attempt to thwart President Bush’s tax cut proposal.

            First of all, I would like to point out how disarmed the lib’s have been without Clinton’s blood-hungry, publicly financed war room or the frequently out-sourced “Murder, Incorporated” (Carville, Lindsey, Steph, etc.)  Now, I would never go so far as to suggest that the loyal opposition will now be fighting with both hands tied behind their backs, in fact, I am pointing out exactly the opposite.  Now that we don’t really know where operations are being centralized, we have to be even more careful of a surprise attack.  Alas, for the time being they seem to be spending more time reorganizing than trying to shape policy so we should enjoy the vacation while it lasts. 

            We finally have a President who is not only starting his administration by following through on a campaign promise, but that promise happens to be a refund of hard earned money that the American people were overcharged by their government.  In accordance with Bush’s campaign platform, he has proposed an across the board rate cut for all Americans, perhaps one of the fairest ever to be voted on in history.  Since the current system has the nation’s wealthiest footing the majority of the bills, that demographic will receive the largest volume of tax relief in terms of dollars.  On the other hand, those who pay a smaller portion of the taxes will receive a smaller aggregate tax cut, so the overall tax relief is evenly spread across the board, just like the President said it would be.  Sounds simple enough as far as tax plans go, right?  Well, leave it to Congressional Democrats to bring on the confusion.

            Our friends on the other side of the aisle have actually latched on to the spin attempted by Al Gore, who lost by the way, during the campaign by saying that Bush’s tax cut proposal favors the wealthy while alienating the poor and middle class.  They arrive at this brilliant deliberation by pointing out that those who pay more in taxes will be receiving more relief, DUH!  One of their fearless leaders, Sen. Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), broke things down by saying that while the tax break for people in the highest bracket will afford them a new Lexus, the benefit for the lower contributors will only be worth a new muffler for a used car.  This shows that they are clearly still in the business of promoting class warfare and creating social animosity toward the wealthy.  Typical liberal shenanigans!

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            Since Senator Daschle’s attempt at putting this tax cut into layman’s terms fell well short of anything resembling a coherent thought, I will be happy to offer an analogy that even a Democrat from West Palm Beach County, Florida can understand.  Many of us (including myself in the middle class) have a Discover card in our wallets.  Like many of you I have used mine to “discover” some debt during the time in which the card has been in my possession.  Now I’m sure that most of us, through the power of television, are aware of the fact that the Discover card offers a 1% cash back bonus at the end of every year based on your purchases.  Now if during the course of a year I charged goods and services in the amount of $5000, then I would be entitled to a $50 rebate at the end of the year, while someone charging $50,000 would be entitled to a $500 rebate.  According to Senator Daschle’s rationale, I should receive the same amount as the person who charged ten times more than me simply because it isn’t fair that they had the ability and means to purchase more than I did that particular year.  The policy clearly states that your rebate is based solely on the amount you charge on your credit card, and I doubt that Discover Financial Services will feel bad about refunding some of their customers more than others.  This is just common sense!

The fact of the matter is that Democrats are against any kind of tax cut whatsoever because they view your tax dollars as their own personal piggy bank to spend on whatever they feel will keep them popular and elected.  The fact that they refer to money coming in to the treasury as “revenue” speaks volumes alone.  Revenue is money that is produced or earned, the U.S. Government doesn’t generate revenue.  We don’t actually pay tax, they take tax.  My advice to those that are supporting the Democrat position on the tax cut is to stop worrying about what your neighbor is doing or getting and just be thankful that we now have a President that wants you to keep more of your money for yourself instead of using it to fund smear campaigns against the enemies of Bill Clinton.

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