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Democrat’s Effort to De-Legitimize Bush Will Backfire

By Brian “Kingfish” Trascher


            Well, the buzzwords are already flying.  Nothing amuses me more than watching the talking heads on cable news networks, complete with their talking points in hand, begin a new campaign of attempted public persuasion.  First, it was the all-out attack on Kathryn Harris by Murder, Incorporated (the Clinton/ Gore hired attack dogs) for simply fulfilling her constitutional duty.  Then, it was the “mob style” Republican protesters in Miami who got a little upset when the canvassing board there tried to sneak behind closed doors so that they could steal the election in peace.  Now, the latest campaign, a mobilized effort by the Democrats to somehow “de-legitimize” the inevitable Bush presidency.

            If you pay attention to the news commentaries (or if you’re just a cable news junkie like me), you’ll notice all of the pro-Gore talking heads keep dropping the words “legitimize”, or “de-legitimize” when referring to George W. Bush becoming the next President.  This is a pre-amble to what is sure to be a ground force invasion of every Florida canvassing board so that the die-hard libs can somehow manipulate the votes to show Al Gore as the real winner.  Of course the real objective behind this is twofold.  The first objective will be of course to weaken the Bush administration by trying to convince the public that they weren't the real winners.  The second, and perhaps most laughable, is to revive Gore’s chances as a viable candidate in 2004. 

            This will no doubt backfire on the Democrats for several reasons.  First of all, the public will eventually learn that the way the “counters” arrived at their conclusion included counting every dimple, scratch, and bump on every ballot, except of course on those submitted by our men and women in the military.  Second, George W. Bush has a record as Governor of Texas of being a “uniter” and enjoying much success in bringing the two parties together for the betterment of the state.  This is in contrast to Gore, who has been nothing short of a polarizing figure for the last eight years.  He has been the political “hatchet man” for the Clinton’s and national spokesman for the sleazy discoveries of Murder, Inc.  He has no record at all of reaching out to Republicans, who by the way currently control the Congress.  Gore’s mean-spiritedness as Vice President stands him little chance of being the bearer of the olive branch now.

            This public relations campaign to “de-legitimize” Bush is only setting him up to be one of our greater presidents.  In an age when the country is sharply divided politically, and equally frustrated at how public officials on both sides of the aisle spend more time bickering then doing anything productive for America, Bush is simply in the right place at the right time.  While the Murder, Inc. troops are still out there screaming about “dimpled chads” in Florida, President Bush will be reaching out to Democrats on the hill to join him in saving social security, reforming the education system, cutting taxes, and bringing a sense of decency and dignity back to the Office of the President.  So before any of you pro-Gore folks decide to drop your newly created buzzwords, remember that over seventy percent of Americans polled said that if Gore were to prevail, they would not consider him to be the “legitimate” President. 

The “Kingfish” is a political analyst from Louisiana and is an expert commentator on Louisiana as well as National politics. He is a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Political Science.

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© Brian Trascher, 2000


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