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Gore’s New Strategy:  Wage War in the PR Battle

By Brian “Kingfish” Trascher


See today's other column:  Al Gore's New Counter-Culture by Ron Marr

A word of advice for the Bush Campaign from someone who knows what they are talking about: The Gore camp is on an all out assault to sway public opinion in their favor because they have no other chance left. Gore has been on TV every day this week getting plenty of face time and it has been a completely well rehearsed sympathy ploy. They are either going to win back the public opinion or force the Florida Legislature or the Congress to choose the President because either way it makes the GOP look like they stole the election.  It’s understandable that having the governor at the ranch the last couple of days working on transition business makes him look presidential, but you guys have to get him off his ass and on TV, like NOW!

It needs to be a casual, sit down interview in a quiet room at the ranch, and he needs to drop lines like "If the Vice President truly wanted every vote to count, then he shouldn't have tried to have his people disenfranchise the military" and "It appears that he will exhaust every effort to delay the inevitable conclusion that I won Florida and the presidency. We can't stop him from attempting to manipulate the law so that it reverses an election, but in the meantime we must continue with the transition process so that when we are sworn in January 20th, we will be ready to govern."  He also needs to have Dick Cheney and Colin Powell sitting adjacent to him in the room.  You basically have about two days to get him on TV or Gore may swing the public opinion.

Remember, these are the same spinsters who succeeded in making the American public blame Republicans for Clinton's affair w/ a 21-yr. old intern in the oval office! They've done it before, and they'll do it again, unless you GET BUSH ON TV NOW! Just having Dick Cheney conduct press conferences from the transition office, which by the way is privately funded, is not enough anymore.  Rumors coming out of the Gore Camp suggest that he does not intend to concede even if the U.S. Supreme Court rules against him on the recount issue.  It is clear that because he has already gone this far, he intends to go all the way no matter what the consequences to the nation. In the absence of leadership, people will listen to whoever steps up to the microphone, and right now, Gore's the only one talking. Please take this advice, you guys ran a brilliant campaign and it's yours to win or lose.

Now for the rest of you following the story: Gore obviously doesn’t care about every vote being counted as he claims at every media opportunity (which are plentiful), otherwise, he wouldn’t have instructed his army of lawyers to try and disenfranchise the military ballots.  He also isn’t very interested in keeping the economy going, otherwise, he would have conceded already instead of letting the stock market continue in it’s volatility in the wake of the election contest’s uncertainty.  Everyone who has lost money in their 401k accounts these last few weeks (myself included) ought to sue Al Gore for causing the market to tank.  Al Gore is a man enraged and in denial right now because he has lost his life’s ambition, the White House.  After all the corrupt lawyers, all the scare tactics, and all the empty promises, he has still come up a day late and a “dimple” short. 

See today's other column:  Al Gore's New Counter-Culture by Ron Marr

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© Brian Trascher, 2000


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