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Gore Campaign’s Secret Strategy Revealed
By Brian “Kingfish” Trascher


                Well, the whole world had been wondering just what in the hell has been going on in Florida for the last week and I think recent developments have finally given us the answer.  This whole “too close to call” thing has been deliberately orchestrated to increase the chances of a Democratic victory in 2004.  Think about it; a close election, the Republican wins, alleged major voting discrepancies in a heavy democratic county in Florida, could it be more obvious?  I don’t think so!

                Folks, this has all been carefully planned from the unprecedented retraction of Gore’s concession on November 7, to the all out personal assault on Katherine Harris, Florida’s Secretary of State.  Why have the Democrats gone to such lengths to politicize an election which they know they’ve already lost?  Easy.  The more questions they are able to surround Bush’s presidency with, the less effective of a President he will likely have the ability to be.  Then in four years, the “real” winner (according to the Democrat’s recent massive public opinion campaign) can emerge in glory and claim what is rightfully his, all the while pointing to the ineffectiveness of the past four years.

                The plan is brilliant in its inception, but it does have its flaws.  First of all, Gore is a pitiful candidate!  Running him two times in a row is a huge risk for the Democrats, and an ambitious member of his own party could knock him off in a primary by simply painting Gore as a sore loser.  Second, I think we all know that the arrangement Hillary Clinton made with the Democratic Party was that she was to be the first female presidential candidate in 2004, and a Gore comeback would certainly steal her thunder.  The first clue was when Jessie Jackson showed up in Palm Beach County.  He never comes out of the woodwork unless the Democrats are in a serious bind.  And of course, he brings along his out-of-state “moonies” to form rallies so that the average American watching the evening news will think that there are 15,000 people in Palm Beach County who would actually show up!

                Oh, and let’s not forget the judge shopping that Richard Daley and Warren Christopher have been frantically doing.  Someone seriously ought to auction off judges on e-bay, if he or she has the right background you can bet someone in Florida would pay a pretty penny for them!  First, the judge in Miami denied the Bush camp’s attempt to stop the hand recount in PBC.  I actually supported this decision because a federal judge has no business circumventing a state election law.  But the same goes for the judge who will hear the case against the Florida Secretary of State’s decision not to violate Florida election laws, which require all votes to be certified by November 14th  at 5pm (Florida Penal Code Section 102.111).  If a federal judge can’t stop a handcount, then there is no way one can force an elected state official to bypass the law concerning certification deadline.

                Now the basic “Clintonian” political strategy has come to light once again, that is, the politics of personal destruction.  They have now dug up loads of negative information about Florida’s Secretary of State, Katherine Harris.  They have been painting her as a Bush partisan that is trying to force-feed America an election.  It has infrequently been mentioned that the majority of the election commissioners of the “problem precincts” in Florida have all been Democrat, or that the judge who denied Bush’s attempt to stop the re-re-count was an active Democratic Party member.  And finally, the whopper of all stories which has yet to be picked up by the major networks.  It seems as though the DNC hired a Texas-based telemarketing firm to start calling voters in Palm Beach, before the polls had even closed, to try and recruit complaints about the ballots.  So as it turns out, Congressman Robert Wexler (D-FL) lied about how many people actually called his office to complain about the Butterfly (also a Democrat we should add) ballots.  The truth was that these complaints were not originated in his office, but rather from the efforts of the DNC-hired telemarketing firm.

                The sheer unwillingness to give up power by these people has reached yet another new low.  It was obvious that they had a strategy for just about everything, but who would have guessed that they even had a strategy for losing!  Even if the order stands to certify all votes by 5pm on the 14th, you can better believe that the Gore camp will release some numbers from the in-progress hand count that will indicated him taking the lead.  Then every liberal talking head in America will, for the next four years, and with DNC talking points in hand, continue this campaign to illegitimatize the Bush presidency.  It will also give them an excellent foundation on which to be eternal apologists for the congressional Democrats who are certain to fight President Bush every step of the way.  Many of you reading this may think it’s crazy conspiracy theory, but mark my words that every prediction will come true unless this secret Gore strategy is widely exposed.  But what with the mainstream media being virtual co-chairs of the Gore Campaign, I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath.

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© Brian Trascher, 2000


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