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Judicial Legislation at its Worst
By Bret Hrbek


As I sit here and write this Iím absorbing how the Democrat-appointed Florida Supreme Court ruled.  Iím sitting here in disbelief how these seven men and women not only wore the robes of the judicial branch, but also assumed the powers of the executive and legislative branches.

These supposed independent judges rewrote legislation by imposing new deadlines that supersede the current law which require the election to be certified within one week of the election.  They also ordered the executive branch to follow their new legislation.


George W. Bush won this election.  He won more legally cast votes than Al Gore.  Period.  Gore and his Democrat cronies are stealing this election from the duly elected president.

I will never recognize Al Gore as a legitimate president.  He will have won because of unreliable, inherently flawed and biased hand counts where the possibility of corruption is incredibly high.  (Isnít nice to know the total needed to win while youíre counting the votes?)  He is no better than a common thief stealing what he covets.

I must add that if Gore won this election fair and square at the ballot box I would not have a leg to stand.  I would have to fight my battles with him on the policy battlefield.  Although I despise Gore because of his socialist philosophy I understand that he would have been the constitutionally elected leader of our country.

But Gore did not win this election at the ballot box (perhaps because his supporters were too stupid to read the ballot correctly).  If he wins (and the election isnít over yet) it will be because of the judicial activism of the Democrat-appointed Florida courts.  (Let this be a lesson to Senate Republicans that judicial appointments do matter.)

Gore continually references the rights of the voter.  If I werenít so outraged, Iím not sure I could contain my laughter.  He continually relies on the argument that he wants to protect the rights of the voter.  Yet, I will guarantee that once he assumes office he will ignore every God-given right we have as Americans.  This is the same man who doesnít believe in individual property rights.  He doesnít respect the right to life.  He had an orchestrated campaign to deny the rights of overseas military personnel to vote.  His campaign surrogates began digging up dirt on Bush electors of different states to blackmail them into voting for him similar to the impeachment unsuccessful blackmail attempts. 

He doesnít believe that father knows best, but government does.  He is a hypocrite.

If Al Gore is able to steal this election successfully he will have done it with the help of the best-paid lawyers in the country.  Remember Goreís attorney David Bois is this same man who broke up one of the most successful companies in Americaís history.  Should we really accept Goreís arguments to protect rights?

And what of his post-partisan court address?

Gore wants us to come together as one nation?  This sounds like Rodney Kingís pathetic plea for everyone to ďget along.Ē  This is the mantra of the Democrats.  Why do we have to get along?  What is the problem with division?  We are a country of different opinions, of different beliefs.  Americans should reject this socialist notion that we should all understand and respect everyoneís beliefs even when they are not based on principle, logic and individual rights.

Gore asks us to respect our democracy?  He wants us to accept and respect the feely expressed will of the people.  Thatís almost laughable.  He is pulling out all the stops to steal this election.  Can he be serious?  Democracy is not the ends.  Democracy is the only means for capitalism to succeed.

I know Iíll never be considered a serious columnist.  I donít shave off the rough edges.  I donít cloak my feelings behind flowery language of Washington politicese.  I say what I feel and I do my best to base my arguments on a consistent, principled philosophy on the rule of law and individual rights.

But tonight I am pissed.

I hope that Republicans in the Florida counties do their best to slow down this process.  And if the courts of Florida continue to obey their Democratic masters and allow dimples (dimples?  Could this be as Chris Matthews called it the Shirley Temple Election?) to determine this election, I encourage George W. Bush to use every legal mechanism to win the important 25 electoral votes.

This includes requesting the Florida legislature to vote for a new slate of electors as the U.S. Constitution allows.

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© Bret Hrbek, 2000


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