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To Hate-Mailers: In Bush’s Defense in Five Words or Less

By Dr. Marcus Goldman | Bio

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I have been getting a lot of political hate mail lately. My support of the President is apparently worthy of attack. That is not to say that the hate-mailers do not have solid, albeit multiple, disconnected points. According to the hate gospel, I am both a religious zealot and Godless heathen, a gay-lover and a homophobe, a racist, a fascist, an extremist, an imperialist, an apologist, a hate-maker...everything short of a candlestick maker. I am apparently both sheepishly politically and foolishly grammatically incorrect. I am a Lincoln apologist and a hater of freedom. I over-intellectualize but epitomize stupidity and simplicity. Hate-mailers find me paranoid and conspiratorial but also neurotic and naive. In perhaps the most stinging of indictments, I was most recently accused of never having read Aesop’s fables. It is not true, but gosh it still hurts. Sometimes menacing, often laced with profanity and religious epithets, political hate mail seeks not to challenge or inform, but to defame, intimidate and dampen first amendment rights. While my wish is to respond to each and every hateful letter individually, sadly, the time commitment I have made to the international brotherhood of conspiratorial Jewish cabalists simply will not permit it. What to do? What if I answer the long-winded rambling hateful message with five, or less, simple, easy to understand words? 

1) “The President is stupid”: Not Nietzsche but a Truman

2) “The war in Iraq was about lining the pockets of the President and his henchmen”: They do not need money

3) “The President is a religious fanatic who has betrayed those of other religions”: Not one forced conversion

4) “John Kerry is superior to the President in every way”: Privileged Senator without leadership skills

5) “The President’s obsession with the power grab goes way back”: Spent life without presidential aspirations

6) “Bush has turned the country into a police state”: Where are all the police?

7) “Bush’s Patriot Act is a shameful example of fascism”: Court order mandated for surveillance

8) “Bush’s religious zealotry has empowered Evangelical Christians to proselytize”: First amendment is for everyone

9) “The President has violated constitutionally mandated separation of church and state”: Appears nowhere in the constitution

10) “The war in Iraq was about oil”: Cheaper to buy from Russia

11) “The President stole the Florida election”: Multiple recounts determined Bush winner

12) “The radical justices on the Supreme court were in Bush’s back pocket in the 2000 election”: 7-2 to reverse Florida Supremes

13) “There are no weapons of mass destruction”: Few are being reported on

14) “Bush compares favorably to Hitler”: Hitler slaughtered 13 million people

Adv:  What does the government know about you?

15) “Michael Moore is not a propagandist”: Moore’s Fahrenheit rivals Riefenstahl’s “Triumph.”

16) “Bush stifles dissent and free speech”: Hollywood’s elites seem strangely unaffected

17) “The President has alienated us from the rest of the civilized world”: We are the civilized world

18) “The United Nations should be more involved in our affairs”: Syria should oversee our country

19) “The President purposefully lied about Iraq‘s weapons of mass destruction”: ...And risk reelection?

20) “Abu Ghraib ‘horrors’ stained our national reputation and were the worst sort of terrorism imaginable”: Nick Berg’s head sawed off

21) “Bush is in the back pocket of the National Rifle Association and torpedoes gun control”: Will sign assault weapons ban.

22) The President has driven this economy into the ground”: Economy has survived three wars

23) “The Bush administration is corrupt”: Democrats don’t demand special prosecutor

24) “Bush conspired to let Bin Ladens leave the country after 9/11”: Approved by Bush’s enemy, Clarke

25) “Bush has betrayed the Palestinian cause and crushed their hopes for their own country:” Yet another failed Arab state?

26) “Bush ignores Israel’s weapons of mass destruction while condemning North Korea”: Israel never threatens their use

27) “Bush is a egotistical war monger who looks for any excuse to wage war”: Iran and Syria are next

28) “Bush hates gays”: Clinton opposed gay marriage too

29) “Why can’t we just listen to France? They are so reasonable.”: Sharon urges French Jewish Exodus

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30) “Bush’s war on terror is nothing more than fear mongering”: Paul Johnson’s head sawed off

31) “Bush is no friend of the Jews”: Stands between us and terror

32) “The threat to our liberty is George Bush, not radical Islam”: They are coming for us

So much hate mail, so little time-the cabal is calling. I only hope I have enough computer memory to manage the inevitable hate. Hey, maybe my newest “fans” can do in five words or less what their predecessors could not do in multiple profanity laced pages!...nah. To the hate-mailers, both old and impending, who have and will adorn my computer, I have but five words: there is no pleasing everyone.

Marcus J. Goldman, MD is a psychiatrist and author of "The Joy of Fatherhood". His work has appeared in The Washington Times, Tech Central Station and The Boston Herald. Dr. Goldman is a Guest Writer for The Daily Cannon, OpinionEditorials.com, PoliticalUSA, NewsWithViews.com and WebCommentary.






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