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Bush Undeserving of Another Term

By Scott Gillette | Bio


The Bush Administration does not deserve another term. The invasion of Iraq is the only reason one needs to hope for Bush’s defeat.

I do not say this with any satisfaction. Our national odyssey of the past four years has been a walk on a spiral staircase. Its culmination with our invasion of Iraq only brought us to a new low. Our policy is the failure it was foreordained to be.

I opposed the Iraqi occupation before it happened, and nothing has occurred that has made me change my mind.

Bush gave two specific reasons for regime change in Iraq. We, the public, were told that Iraq was an “imminent threat” because of its ability to obtain chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Second, we were also told that Iraq was affiliated with the terrorists that attacked our homeland.

Both reasons tortured the truth to the point of dishonesty. Iraq had no nuclear capability in more than a decade. None. Ten years of weapons inspections, sanctions and no-fly zones had left any serious chemical or biological weapons program impossible to create. Indeed, Saddam Hussein never would have attacked the United States directly, because that would spell the end of his regime.

Nor did Hussein have any serious connections with Al Queda, a far more dangerous enemy. Hussein never would have allowed any terrorists in his country, because they would be threats to his absolute power. Hussein had become a Caligula of sorts in his waning years, not the deadly virus that Al Queda has become.

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It is troubling that every problem that Iraq was supposed to solve has become worse. Iraq never had terrorism before, but is now a haven for terrorists because of widespread anarchy. Instead of winning the battle against terrorism, we are increasing its saliency, because we invaded an Arab country. Instead of utilizing our resources and world opinion to transform Afghanistan into a viable country, we have spread ourselves too thin and have shown weakness by overreaching. We have also undermined trust around the world by failing to apply force judiciously. Instead of making Iraq free and prosperous, it will remain a dangerous and forbidding place in the years to come.

We can never leave Iraq and declare victory, because success would require an Iraqi nation better off for our intervention. Instead, we have created the worst of two worlds: the resentment that rule by force brings, but without the security that comes with total political domination. We have to stay in Iraq for several years, now that we are there. But we never should have gone in the first place.

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Bush did many things right. His conduct as President after 9/11 was admirable. His tax cuts minimized the most recent economic downturn.

But I do not want my government to attack and occupy entire countries unless those countries attacked us first. Supporters of preemptive strikes argue that the ends justify the means. But it never takes long for means to become ends in themselves.

I am ambivalent about which other candidate to support. I’ll be voting Libertarian. But Bush cannot be allowed to win. No President in our future should feel comfortable enough to wage war without proper justification, and under false pretenses. Doing so undermines our security in the Age of Terrorism.









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