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Don’t Forget Juanita

By Scott Gillette


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I just did a rough count of the number of scandals that beset the Clinton Administration during its time in office, and I came up with nineteen. Most of these scandals never amounted to terminal damage to the Clinton White House. As White House sycophants pointed out time after time, “there is no evidence of impropriety.” Not that evidence seemed to matter much to Clinton supporters anyway, as the Lewinsky scandal demonstrated, but the Clinton supporters were fulfilling their role in the political system. Right or wrong, they believed it was important to remain faithful to their  political allies.

But one scandal that should not be put to rest is the allegations of Juanita Broaddrick, until Bill Clinton acknowledges or denies the allegations one way or another.

Mrs. Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978, when he was the Attorney General of the state of Arkansas. I first became aware of the charges in January 1999, during the Senate trial of against Bill Clinton after his impeachment in the House of Representatives. After researching the charges, I realized that not only were the charges credible, but that Mrs. Broaddrick possessed a dignified air and personal reputation that would make her accusations difficult for White House handlers to refute.

I was a columnist for the State Press at this time, (the daily paper at Arizona State University, where I was a graduate student) and submitted an article to the editorial staff. I could tell they were not happy about publishing my piece, and God knows what was said behind closed doors, but my article had so many sources that there were no justified reasons not to publish it. So the following article appeared on February 3, 1999.

The article failed to note significant points. First, Mrs. Broaddrick accused Bill Clinton of raping her twice at the time of the incident. Second, when the Dateline interview finally aired, they showed twenty minutes of that interview, when the real interview was four hours long. Finally, Ms. Broaddrick also asserted that Bill Clinton, when he was Governor of Arkansas, had actually tried to apologize to Ms. Broaddrick at a conference, which Ms. Broaddrick refused to accept, for obvious reasons.

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When the column was published, it was the first time that many people had heard of these allegations, so I had no idea what would follow. But to my surprise, the reaction was a deafening silence, as nobody came forth to address the issue one way or the other. The reaction was not unlike the rest of the country’s when confronted with the allegations: nobody could prove it, almost nobody wanted to deal with its implications, and almost everybody was sick of the impeachment issue and the allegations against Clinton.  So that was that.

I bring this issue up for two reasons. First, it will be impossible to understand recent American history unless we keep in mind that our last President may very well have been a sociopath. Remember when Clinton ordered the bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan when the Starr Report came out? There is now ample evidence that demonstrates that the bombings were unwarranted in every sense of the word, and occurred for no other reason than Clinton wanted attention to be focused elsewhere. Innocent people lost their lives, a pharmaceutical plant vital to serving the needs of a developing nation was destroyed, our investigation of the embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya were undermined, the lives of Americans in the area were put at significant risk, and our international reputation was sullied, all because Clinton thought that these matters were not as important as he was.  This is chilling stuff. For a detailed examination of those bombings, read No One Left to Lie To by Christopher Hitchens. (For an even more bracing account of the Clintons, which I have not been able to come to terms with yet because of the enormity of the charges, read The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: the Unreported Stories by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.)

The second reason for bringing up the Broaddrick allegations is that Bill Clinton has yet to answer the following question: did you rape Juanita Broaddrick?  When he was asked as President, he replied that he had to tend to “the business of the American people.”  Well, he is no longer President, and he cannot hide behind his position any longer. People should continue to ask that question until he categorically denies the

The statute of limitations for rape in Arkansas have expired, but Ms. Broaddrick could always take Bill Clinton to civil court once he denies the allegations, if she should decide to do so. That is her right in this country.

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