David Kay, My Hero

By Mario Giardiello


With the latest report from the Chief weapons inspector David Kay that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction stock piled, it is looking more and more like the Bush administration knew this from the beginning and lied to the American people to justify a war that benefits only the rich and oil-laden families of the United States.  

Kay was the man the Bush regime used to spread the propaganda that Iraq was producing and stockpiling WMD.   He was the one that convinced us all that it was true and that if we didnít do something about it we could end up beneath a mushroom cloud.

Democrats complained when Kay was appointed that he was too biased to be the Chief Weapons Inspector.  And now, even he is convinced that they were all destroyed by U.N. weapons inspectors and by the Iraqi government during the 1990ís.  

Hmmm.  Who was the President during the 1990ís?   Oh yes, the man that many conservatives like to accuse of being too soft on terrorism.  He is the man that bombed Baghdad to assassinate Hussein in return for the assassination attempt on the first Bush.  He is also the man that built the coalition that was involved in the true multi-national weapons inspections.  As more and more facts come out, we are learning that terrorism and the production of WMD were being contained by the U.N., led by the Clinton Administration.  Clinton did more to destroy the dangerous arsenal of Saddam Hussein than the entire Gulf war of 1991 did.

Kay is telling us that Iraq did, in fact have WMD after the Gulf war.  This proves that Bushís Gulf War was mostly for show.  No destruction of WMD and no regime change.  It also shows that the U.N. inspections and pressure on the Iraqi government to destroy their illicit weapons actually worked.  Imagine, a President that was tough on terrorism and able to build coalitions to fight terrorism.  

George W. Bush should set his pride aside and ask Clinton for help.  He would learn to put his playground rhetoric aside, understand that he cannot contain terrorism alone, and that lies are less harmful when they are about your personal life rather than the justification of war.

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