No Surprises From Bush Speech

Bush regime must go

By Mario Giardiello

Bush blames the “war on terrorism” for the country’s escalating deficits and the war with Iraq.  In his State of the Union address he crowed that we are safer because of his war.  Has there ever been a President so out of touch with reality?  He uses 9-11 and the war on terrorism as an excuse for our ailing economy and the deaths of innocents when it is really his own doing.

            Our economy was fine three years ago.  Sure, there was a small recession that was correcting over-priced stocks – nothing that lower interest rates and higher taxes for the wealthiest 1% couldn’t fix.  We also needed more stringent regulations of big business.  Nothing short of this would have regained the confidence from the American people in our stock “mocket”.  It’s a mockery that in times when white-collar crime is becoming “business as usual” we are loosening up laws that are meant to ensure these economic terrorists do not take advantage of their employees and investors. 

Clinton had a healthy mistrust of big business, even though he knew they must have the freedom to conduct their business.  Bush, on the other hand, is beholden to them.  He owes them for his election, and for his millions that he, and virtually his entire cabinet made before their regime took over. 

            It is ironic that Bush justifies the attack of Iraq on terrorism.  We have yet to seen the correlation.  In fact, it is now proven that Bush’s regime purposely manipulated old evidence (data mining) to justify this war that was planned from the first day of their reign – even lying to Congress which is a crime.  Does anyone believe that we would be less safe if we didn’t attack Iraq?  The truth is that we would be safer if we didn’t start this war of greed because we would not have allowed coalitions with our allies to crumble, and we would not have lost the sympathy that much of the world felt for us after 9-11. 

            Make not mistake about it:  This President must go.  The Burning Bush is spreading, and it won’t stop until it consumes the entire world.  We are not the ones to dictate what people should believe.  Democracy is right and true for us, but capitalism won’t work everywhere the way it does here.  Bush and his cronies understand that if the entire world had their version of “free markets” then their businesses would benefit.

They also know that big business actually hold the most power in a world that has free trade.  I’m not saying that the world wouldn’t be better if it was one big democracy.  I don’t know.  I do know that Bush’s actions are made on the basis of what is good for his cronies and himself, not the American people.  It is time for a regime change in America.   Let the dictator tumble.

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