O'Neill Comes Clean on  Bush's Lies

By Mario Giardiello

I spent this Holiday season reading the recent liberal responses to the right-wing media and political lies.  Michael Moore and Al Fraken shine light on the suspicions that we held all along: that our government is lying to us.  No longer is it liberal paranoia to believe that there really is a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” that is feeding us lies, spreading these lies through conservatively owned media, and then forcing major networks to report these same lies because of the need to compete.

On one side of the political specter, we have politicians lying to us about their girlfriends, past drug use, and infidelity.  On the other side, we have politicians lying to us about education, the environment, and reasons for going to war.  Now, I’m not defending any politician; they are all liars, saying anything that will get them elected.  But wouldn’t you rather your President lie about personal affairs rather than the security and well being of our nation?

Paul O’Neill is now proving that these lies were no mistake.  Mr. Bush said things during the election debates deliberately knowing he was going to do just the opposite.  Bush promised to be fiscally responsible, give the bulk of the tax-cuts to the middle-class, not use our troops and money for nation-building, and make education his top priority.  Franken and Moore use transcripts showing that these words came right out of Bush’s mouth and from day one of his Presidency did just the opposite.  Today, we see a wildly under-funded education plan, the rich getting the best of the tax-cuts, and a deficit that is out of control.   We also see a war that is not protecting us from any security threats, and rich people getting even richer through no-bid contracts and over charging our government.

How could anyone be proud of being a Republican today?  Their spokesperson, Rush Limbaugh has been proved a lying, racist, drug-addict.  How could you get any lower?  I suppose you could lie about the reason to go to war.  Now we know:  President Bush did lie to us about why we went to war with Iraq.  The American soldiers that are dying every day in Iraq are on his head, and the head of this lying administration.  The innocent women and children that are dying every day because of this war are also on his head.  The greed for money, oil, and power prevent Mr. Bush and his cronies from weighing on his conscience, too.    It is time for regime change.  We got rid of one terrorist, let’s get rid of the biggest terrorist of them all.  Vote Bush out…again. 

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