The Anthrax Dilemma
Tough decisions pending for the right-wing
By Mario Giardiello

The anthrax incidents have been cowardly, terrorist acts that are no less heinous acts against our country than the events of 9-11. 

Although the death count can’t be compared, the anthrax incidents have a more lasting effect on our country’s stability and psyche. The psychological effects have spawned more fear than all of the events of September 11th put together.

Terrorism is attacking on a personal, at-home level. "It could happen to me" is the new fear that is permeating throughout the country.

Recent findings from the FBI are proving that it is quite possible that a domestic group is responsible for these terrorist attacks. If this is true, no one should be surprised if it turned out to be a right-wing militia group. I wonder what the reaction would be from Republicans if we find out this to be true?

This is not a far-fetched idea. After all, we were all quite disappointed to find out that there weren’t Muslim terrorists behind the Oklahoma City bombing, but a conservative, white male. 

So my question to those Republican military jingoists is:  Will you go after these groups with the same tenacity and relentlessness as you would a Muslim military group or an Afghan city? 

I am certainly not hoping for this to be true, but wouldn’t it be dramatic to watch the conservative pundits back-peddle  toward a more liberal stance against these terrorists. 

We might even get a few of them to question the terrorists' motives, which is something they have refused to do concerning the incidents of September 11.  

The possibility of these attacks being committed by our very own is no joke. It would also make more sense that it is a white, male, conservative, right-wing group. The only Senators who received the anthrax were not only Democrats, but staunch opponents of Bush. These leaders of the Democratic Party are a direct threat to the right-wing in next years elections. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), the first Senate target of the virus, is the greatest threat to Bush’s tax-cut giveaways and misguided education plans. 

Patrick Leahy (D-VT), another target, is holding up many of Bush’s extreme judicial appointments. There are hundreds of nominees for judges that Leahy is dragging his feet on. 

All of which threaten the right-wing's ongoing attempt to take advantage of the current situation to force programs through they couldn't otherwise get passed.  

I wonder if there will be any hate crimes against white males if my hunch proves to be true.

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