Politics of Re-election Win Out
Bush governs by poll
By Mario Giardiello

Read My Lips: "Taxpayer funds should not underwrite research that involves the destruction of live human embryos." Ė President Bush

This was the promise of the new generation of Bush liars, the reason that the Christian right put so much credence (and money) into George W. Bush's election. The man who said his values would not be compromised and that he will not listen to the polls has done just that. He has forfeited his conscience and given way to the politics of re-election. Is it too soon for President Bush to start thinking about this impossible feat three years from now? Maybe so, but next year is a big year for Republicans to try to hold the House and take back the Senate.

Everyone in this country knows how George W. Bush feels about stem-cell research -- he is morally against it. His act of painstakingly agonizing over this debate has not been lost on this critic, or anyone who has their eyes wide open for that matter. Not since Ronald Reagan has there been such a great actor in office. He went to the Vatican for counsel, he went to scientists for facts, he even sought the advice of his Uncle Ronnyís wife, Nancy, to hear her heartfelt plea for giving her husband and those like him a chance at a life with dignity.

Well, Nancy, donít think your tears, or the counsel of the Pope did anything for your side. It was the polls, straight and simple. Six out of ten people polled believe that stem-cell research is important. If it was six out of ten against it, guess what Georgeís response would have been?

And what was his response anyway? If you pinpoint his rhetoric you are simply amazed at his politicking. He says he doesnít approve of any "further destruction" of stem cells for research, but that the sixty existing stem cell lines can be used because their fate has been determined already. First of all, researchers are saying the number of stem cell lines that have already been created is closer to twelve, and that hundreds are actually needed. Secondly, these are owned by businesses in the private sector, and what protection against unethical use of results of this research will there be?

The bottom line on his policy for stem-cell research is he is being too political. He wants to appease everyone, and for this issue it is just not possible. Those of us who fully support this type of research heard promising news from the President, but there were some specifics that show his limited support for it. Then there are those who are morally opposed to the research, and feel he did not keep his election promise. By trying to appease both sides the President has pushed both away while isolating himself in the middle.

This whole ordeal shows a clear distinction between our present leader with Ex-president Clinton. Did Clinton lie to the American people? Sure. Can you think of a President since Nixon (except Jimmy Carter) that didnít lie to us? But it is the nature of the lies that count. Clinton lied about his personal affairs that hurt only Hillary, Chelsea, and himself. Republicans lie about foreign policy, as did Reagan in the Iran-Contra affair; our money and taxes, as in Bush "the Elder;" and everything just to get elected, as George "the Lesser" is doing now. Lying to the people about what concerns us most -- our protection, money, and future -- is infinitely more dangerous than lying about the indiscretions of oneís own life.

What exactly does George Bush believe? If we are to assume that he now feels embryos do not equate to human life due to his new (and improved) stance on stem cell research then we should not expect new laws interfering with the Constitutional right of abortion.

Well, President Bush, whatís it going to be? Will you have a chance at re-election in three years, or will you follow your conscience?

Who would have guessed that President Bush would have approved spending $250 million on stem-cell research and go against the Christian Right?

You would, if you just saw the polls first.

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