A Liberal Compliments President Bush (sort of)
By Mario Giardiello

I admire President Bush because he stands for what he believes and is proud to be just what he is -- a conservative Republican.

He stands in stark contrast to many of my own Democratic heroes, including Bill Clinton and the entire Democratic Congress, that have been extremely quiet as of late. In his short term as our 43rd President, Bush has managed to push through one of the most conservative agendas in history.

On his first day of office he took federal money away from Planned Parenthood. He jeopardizes the security of Medicare and Social Security with his "make the rich, richer" tax-cuts. He threatens the survival of our natural resources to appease Big Business and increase corporate profits. The future of the Public School system is being threatened by his elitist mentality of what is fair for all children. And he wants to spend all our money on the military when ours is already bigger than the next twelve countries in the world put together.

He coerced the American voters to think he was the great unifier, when in reality he canít even unite his own party. There is no doubt about it, President George W. Bush is an extreme, hard-core conservative. But at least he has taken a stand for what he believes.

His actions from the beginning of his political career have screamed conservatism, but the American people allowed themselves to be duped by this bumbling, inarticulate son-of-a-president.

Maybe heís not as stupid as he wants us to think. He seemed almost puppy-dog eyed in his inability to grasp numbers of the economy or to pronounce those big foreign words that many of us have trouble saying. No, President Bush is not a stupid puppet. He is a calculating, manipulating, strategist who has done exactly what he has had to do in order to fool the American people into thinking he is a uniter. Now that he has the absolute power to do what he wants he will set in motion the greatest conservative push our county has ever seen.

George W. Bush is not "in the middle," "center-left," or "center-right." He is certainly not an Independent. He doesnít vote for bills or people because he "likes what they have to say regardless of their party affiliation." He is narrow-mindedly conservative. He is a staunch, ultra, right-wing conservative who thinks that liberals are a threat to the cushy lifestyle of the rich men in this country.

Well, for once he is right, and it is time that we Liberals stop playing the Republican game of spreading propaganda that scares people. We believe that the Left represents the moral side of every issue and that everyone deserves the right to succeed. We represent the population of this county that is more tolerant, more understanding, and more able to think with our hearts and our brains. We are the ones that are motivated by fairness, freedom, and equality, and not greed, power, and money like most Republicans. But at least President Bush is finally showing his true colors.  And now that Democrats control one house of Congress it is time that the liberal leaders take as firm a stand.

It has been at least eight years that the Liberals have been running from the left towards center and it is time to stand up for what we truly believe, not just what we think will gain votes. It is up to us to educate the voting public so they understand that we are the ones that stand for morality and for what is right.

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