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Defending Jesse:  The Persecution Continues

By Mario Giardiello


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So Jesse Jackson was going to Florida to protest the inability of some African-Americans to get to the polls due to intimidation.  So of course we had to have the obligatory "news" story about Jesse's mistress.  

Let's not forget where the latest round of trash journalism started.  It was the National Enquirer.  

All of a sudden the National Enquirer has become the voice of reason.  The only people who now apparently view them as reputable are the right wing attack squads.  These rich white men of the conservative movement are only looking to undermine the liberal ideals of this Democratic nation.  

I'm not ready to cast stones at Jesse Jackson, but I'm not saying he is a good husband or Christian either.  What I do know is he is one of the leading figures in this country in defending and promoting black rights and the rights of the disadvantaged.

And why don't we hear about Conservative infidelities?  It is not because there are too few examples.  One only need look to Newt Gingrich or Bob Livingston to understand this party's hypocrisy.  They were certainly not paragons of family values. 

It is time for the Republican Party to grow up, get out of our bedrooms, and start focusing on the issues.  But it's the same old story from the Grand Old Party.  When you are losing on the issues, get personal.

As the founder of Operation PUSH  (People United to Save Humanity), Jesse Jackson has done more to empower blacks than any other figure in today's political arena.  

He works with high achieving students to persuade them to volunteer.  He has been involved with churches to get them involved in their communities.  He has initiated  programs in the community to foster economic growth.  And his is the leading defender of affirmative action. 

Without people like Jesse there would be thousands more babies and children living without sufficient food and clothing in the most economically advanced society to ever exist.  

Shouldn't Conservatives be supporting economic growth for all communities?  Or are they too afraid of their lily white world fading into the abyss of diversity.  

Jesse Jackson has also played a role in international affairs.  Jesse has been the common voice to which other nations have been willing to listen.  He has traveled the globe, negotiated with foreign leaders, and made progress where others have failed.  

Let God be the ultimate judge of his personal actions and his character.  And let us judge him by the good he has done for all people.  

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Beyond the Boundaries: Reverend Jesse Jackson in International Affairs 
by Karin L. Stanford

Afraid of the Dark : What Whites and Blacks Need to Know About Each Other
by Jim Myers & Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

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