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Media Silent as Kerry's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Bush

By Joe Giardiello


You would have thought when the Lone Star Iconoclast endorsed Kerry, the election was over and done with.  “Bush’s Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry” the headlines screamed across the nation and the world.

The weekly rag, circulation 425, was founded in 2000 by an opportunist who saw a chance to make some quick money off the then Republican nominee for president.  More than likely the “publisher” drives around the town tossing newspapers on peoples front lawns to be used as birdcage liner and to be spread on the floor for your new puppy. 

When I stopped counting, I found over 300 news stories, most based on the AP report, of the newspaper’s endorsement.  New York Newsday to the Los Angeles Times, Bahrain to Bangladesh, ABC News to the smallest stations in Missouri, all carried the story.  Indeed, you would have thought the election was over if Bush’s own “hometown” wasn’t even going to support him.

Certainly, if Kerry’s hometown newspaper endorsed Bush, the press would run similar stories with blaring headlines.  Wouldn’t they? 

No, actually.  Because Kerry’s hometown newspaper, the Boston Herald, did endorse George W. Bush.  As of this writing, I have found one story (besides the editorial in the Herald) on the endorsement.  This comes on top of the endorsement of Bush by Kerry's other hometown newspaper, the Lowell Sun.  You may not have read that news story either. 

But then the Boston Herald only has a total circulation of over 300,000 copies.  So it’s not like they are the Lone Star Iconoclast or anything important like that.

Most people would agree that newspaper endorsements have little impact on national elections.  No one is foolish enough to believe that the Iconoclast's endorsement is going to sway one single vote.  What the media was trying to do in this case was much more insidious than using the power of the editorial page to convince voters.  

We've heard ad nauseam that Bush is immensely unpopular in the rest of the world.  The goal here was to portray Bush as losing support even among his own hometown.  But you won't see the same tactic used against John Kerry.








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