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Media Rewrites Impeachment History

By Joe Giardiello

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 From Reuters:

“Her affair with Clinton while he was in office and his subsequent denials of it led to his impeachment in December 1998 after a lengthy and expensive investigation by independent counsel Ken Starr.”
'Destroyed' Lewinsky Speaks Out on Clinton Memoir,
By Jeffrey Goldfarb

Put aside for one moment your personal feelings about President Clinton and what you think about his presidency.  Forget whether you think Clinton should have been impeached for what he did.  Doesn't the press at least owe us the whole truth in stating the reasons for Clinton's impeachment?

Reuters is one of the largest news services in the world.  What they say can and does have a major impact on world opinion.  

Let us review, for the benefit of Reuters and any other “news service” that would like to rewrite history, the reasons for Clinton’s impeachment.

1) Perjury before the grand jury

Clinton committed perjury before the grand jury concerning his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.  "Willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony," is how they put it.  That's a little more significant than a simple "denial." 

2) Perjury in the Jones case

Clinton, a lawyer, lied in a court of law while under oath. 

3) Obstruction of justice

Clinton encouraged Lewinsky to submit a false affidavit and give false testimony in court, attempted to hide gifts to her and trying to find Lewinsky a job so she would lie for him. Clinton also made false statements to staff and allowed his attorney to lie for him also.

4) Abuse of power

Basically, Clinton got others in the government to lie for him in order to deceive the American people.   He also abused “executive privilege” in answering questions by the House Judiciary Committee.  

Telling the truth is one of the pillars on which our judicial system is built.  If it becomes acceptable to lie under oath (even if it is just about sex) our entire system of justice will crumble.  As a lawyer and the highest elected official in the nation, Clinton should have known better.  Instead, Clinton took it upon himself to decide that his personal “legacy” was more important that the rule of law and the American system of justice.  A fitting legacy indeed.

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