Congresswoman Uses Race Card
To Ask for a Saudi Handout
By Alan Caruba

With the whole of the US population under attack, Rep. Cynthia McKinney could only see yet another opportunity to get another handout, no matter that it would come from a nation that has funded Islamic terrorism and was the site of a terrorist attack that killed US military personnel.

Rep. McKinney (D-4th, GA) is not only a member of the Black Caucus in Congress, she is a member of the Democrat Socialist Progressive Caucus. It is a group of extreme Leftists elected to Congress as Democrats. In many ways, it is hard to distinguish between the two since they have so many members in common.

Here, in part, is the text of an October 12th letter sent to His Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, at the Washington, DC Embassy of Saudi Arabia, by Rep. McKinney.

"I would like to take just a moment to thank you for your recent demonstration of empathy with those suffering from the devastating and heinous September 11 attacks on the United States Pentagon and the World Trade Center. I would especially like to thank you for your most generous offer of $10 million to assist those Americans in need as a result of those attacks." She then condemned New York's Mayor Guiliani for refusing to accept the donation in light of some of the Saudi's comments about US foreign policy.

Rep. McKinney then spent the next few paragraphs attacking Israel as the reason the United States suffered the attack on Terror Tuesday. Most experts in such matters have long ago concluded that the US would have been attacked even if Israel did not exist. The notion that Israelis have no right to self-defense is idiotic. McKinney's viewpoint, however, coincides with that of the Saudis, the chief source and sponsors of Wahabbism, a fundamentalist brand of Islam. 

Does it come as a surprise that Rep. McKinney is a big fan of reparations to today's Blacks as the result of the slavery some of their ancestors endured? Someone should tell her that slavery ended after the Civil War in 1865 and were victims who had been sold into slavery by Black Africans.

Of course, once you get finished licking your potential benefactor's boots, you put out your hand. "Your Royal Highness, there are many people in America who desperately need your generosity. People who have been locked out, marginalized from America's mainstream. All of those people are poor and too many of them are people of color. A black baby boy born in Harlem today has less chance of reaching age 65 than a baby born in Bangladesh. Your Royal Highness, the state of black America is not good." 

Rep. McKinney must be unaware of the Civil Rights Act and other actions taken to open doors to America's black citizens. They have been in effect since the 1960's. Why is that more than forty years of political and social gains have not yet been sufficient for this one segment of American society?

"It is painfully visible in Washington D.C., where, just a few hundred yards from the White House, one can find black man after black man huddled in bus shelters, doorways, over subway ventilation shafts, sleeping on the street, thrown away like trash. Ironically, many of them are Vietnam veterans who, having served this nation with distinction in Vietnam, now find themselves without adequate care and accommodation. Unfortunately, this same scene is repeated in each and every one of our major cities here in the United States.

"I am ashamed to say that my home city of Atlanta is no exception. Just last night my son was out with members of Atlanta's Muslim community who, for years, have been feeding Atlanta's homeless. Sadly, no one in mainstream Atlanta knows about the tireless and generous work of the local Muslim community. But the poor know, and I guess at one level that's all that matters. But on a broader view mainstream America should know.

"The Justice Department admits that blacks are more likely than whites to be pulled over by police, imprisoned, and put to death. And, though blacks and whites have about the same rate of drug use, blacks are more likely to be arrested than whites and are more likely to receive longer prison sentences than whites. Incredibly, 80% of people in prison in the United States are people of color. Twenty-six black men were executed last year, some probably innocent; America began 2001 by executing a retarded black woman." 

Apparently, Rep. McKinney has no confidence in our system of justice in America. The figures she cites are an indictment of the failure of the Black community to address its problems, instead of just endlessly enumerating them.

"Government studies on health disparities confirm that blacks are less likely to receive surgery, transplants, and prescription drugs than whites. Physicians are less likely to prescribe appropriate treatment for blacks than for whites and black scientists, physicians, and institutions are shut out of the funding stream to prevent all this." Why, then is the first recipient of a new mechanical heart a black man?

"I serve in Congress where the Black Caucus is shrinking. Yet, sections of the Voting Rights Act will soon expire, and quite frankly, after crippling Court decisions, there is not much left of affirmative action to mend." 

Then Rep. McKinney turns on the FBI, citing a defunct program from the 1960's when organizations like the Black Panthers, drug operations in reality, pretended to be civil rights advocates. "In the FBI's own words, its counterintelligence program (COINTELPRO) had as a goal, "to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the activities of black organizations and to prevent black "leaders from gaining respectability." And instead of real leaders, COINTELPRO offers us hand-picked "court priests" who are more loyal to the plan than to the people. Court priests who preach peace, peace when there is no peace." One can only presume she is referring to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who favored Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence.

"As you can see, the statistics are very grim for Black America. Although your offer was not accepted by Mayor Giuliani, I would like to ask you to consider assisting Americans who are in dire need right now. I believe we can guide your generosity to help improve the state of Black America and build better lives. My office can provide you with a list of charities who labor under the most difficult circumstances to try and improve the lives of the people they serve. I hope you will consider reaching out to our charities and to our people who are in need. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have."

Rep. McKinney is a disgrace to her constituents, to her nation, and to her race.

Alan Caruba writes a weekly column, "Warning Signs", posted on the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center (

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