Greens Say "Turn Off Your Lights"
By Alan Caruba

The Sierra Club's Rocky Mountain Chapter is urging a "Roll Your Own Blackout" for June 21 in the 7-to-10 PM time zones across the US.

"In protest for George W. Bush's energy policies and lack of emphasis on efficiency, conservation, and alternative fuels, there will be a voluntary rolling blackout on the first day of summer," says their news release. "Turn out your lights from 7 to 10 PM. Unplug whatever you can in your house. Light a candle to the sun god, kiss and tell, tell ghost stories, doing something instead of watching television, have fun in the dark."

This is what the Greens want -- darkness across the face of America. They want Americans to return to the days when homes were lighted with candles. They want to "protest" the administration's energy plan that would insure the lights stay on in America by turning them off. Until Americans understand that this is the future the Greens advocate, we will never be able to defeat this madness, nor serve the needs of our growing population.

On Monday, June 11th, USA Today reported that, "Environmental groups are mounting a bare-knuckled campaign to oppose many of the USA's proposed wireless towers. They say the towers are a death trap for birds, harmful to nearby wetlands, and just plain unsightly." These are same morons who want to put windmills every few yards from one another across the face of America as "an alternative" energy provider. 

Meanwhile "their petitions before the Federal Communications Commission threaten to delay construction of hundreds of towers for months just as the wireless industry seeks to rapidly expand its networks to serve rural areas, fill in coverage gaps and relieve congestion." Dare I say this is just one more example of the Greens opposing any technology that will enhance and improve our lives and our economy?

In early May, a coalition of thirteen environmental groups filed a lawsuit in San Francisco against the federal government for "failing to protect endangered salmon in the face of heavy hydro-electricity demand from US Northwestern dams." The Northwest depends on those dams for about 70 percent of its electricity and, guess what? California has been leaning on the Bonneville Power Administration and others that govern operations at the 29 federal dams to run them at full capacity to provide the electricity it failed to provide for that energy starved state. 

Now, the Greens, who brought about California's energy crisis, want to worsen it by reducing the dam's hydroelectric generation in order to protect salmon while millions of Californians wait for the next rolling blackout. If this isn't insanity, I don't know what is.

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