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Resurrecting Al Gore
By Alan Caruba


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The media, largely Democrat and liberal, have already demonstrated the pattern of coverage that President-elect George W. Bush can expect in the years immediately ahead of us. In addition, a large coalition of Democrats in Congress, led mostly by the Black Caucus, has signaled its intention to fight Bush. If you feel weary after Gore’s five-week battle to steal the election with the help of an activist Florida Supreme Court, it is nothing compared to what lies ahead.

The media will constantly remind everyone that Bush enters the office “under a cloud”, reinforcing the “illegitimacy” of his right to exercise the powers of the Presidency. Then watch them leap upon any linguistic gaff as an indication that he is not “smart enough” to be President.

The process began with the encomiums heaped on Gore for being a “Statesman” in his concession. Little mention was made of the way he dragged out the conclusion of the November 7th election dragging the Supreme Court of Florida and, finally, the Supreme Court of the United States into his schemes. There will be plenty of spin on the “divided” US Supreme Court, but never forget that Gore’s lawyers never asked for a statewide vote count in Florida. His effort was to cherry-pick enough votes in strongly Democratic counties and to deny the legitimacy of the many military absentee votes. So much for statesmanship.

As to Congress, the word was out the morning after Gore’s concession speech that, in the words of Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT) Bush’s victory was “constitutionally flawed.” Over and over again we will hear that Bush did not receive “the popular vote”, but the fact remains that Bush won enough States to lock up the Electoral College vote, more individual US counties, and, by virtue of the population in those counties, more of the nation’s population.

Gore won in heavily populated liberal urban centers such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The real United States has fifty States and none of them, particularly in the West, have the population these media-heavy cities command. That is why we have an Electoral College to insure fairness in the selection of the man who serves in the highest office of the nation. It, along with the Vice Presidency, is the only federal office for which everyone votes.

Gore’s legacy now is to have cast doubt on our electoral process, our judicial system, and to have unleashed the dogs of racial separatism in the form of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, and others who have depended on the Democratic Party for its policies of racial favoritism. That’s not how it works in America, but that’s how they want it to work.

Jesse Jackson said he rejects Bush “with every bone in my body and every ounce of moral strength in my soul.” The problem is Jesse Jackson has demonstrated time and again that he has very little moral strength. Like his racist cohort, Sharpton, he has leaped before the television cameras every time there was an opportunity to stir up racial hatreds and disunity among Americans.

Al Gore’s speech was the opening of his campaign for the presidency in 2004 and, ironically, his prime opponent will be none other than Sen. Hillary Clinton. He lost, albeit by a very small margin, because enough Americans, sick of Bill Clinton’s lies and behavior, reflected by his own, voted to turn him out of office. That however is what it takes to defeat evil, enough good people who take a stand against it. “Evil” may seem a strong word, but it was, in fact, the word Al Gore himself used to describe those who opposed him.

Normally, a defeated candidate for high office takes a hiatus from public life, generally lasting about a year, but watch carefully now to see Al Gore make his way before the cameras of the media that so loves him in a far shorter time frame. How soon will it be before he is a guest on “Meet the Press” and other comparable programs, perhaps even joining CNN as a “political analyst”?

Watch to see a new book come out describing his political philosophy and reviewing his eight years as Vice President. Ironically, again, it would have to compete with Hillary’s memoirs said to be fetching bids from seven to eight million.

Watch, too, for the media to begin to re-write the history of the Clinton Administration. Here’s just some of what they will ignore or gloss over:

·         The slaughter of innocents at Waco, Texas;

·         The effort to sanction homosexuals in the nation’s military and the expansion of the feminization of the military to degrade the morale and discipline required of any military force;

·         The attempted government takeover of the nation’s health care system;

·         The vast loss of the nation’s top nuclear, military and other secrets to Red China;

·         The discovery of a Russian spy’s listening devices in the offices of the State Department;

·         The illegal acquisition of FBI files on its political friends and enemies;

·         The Justice Department attack on Microsoft, arguably the engine of the nation’s economy growth through the provision of its excellent software;

·         The attack on the tobacco industry, reminiscent of the failed effort at Prohibition in the 1920s;

·         The effort to impose more gun control laws on top of the 20,000 that exist.

·         The needless loss of millions of acres of national forest to fires against which the administration had been warned for years;

·         The seizure of millions of acres of the US landmass for the establishment of “National Monuments”, all of which sealed off access to invaluable natural resources;

·         The support for the United Nation’s assertion that it is a global government;

·         The advocacy of the UN Climate Control Treaty that would require this nation to cut back its energy use and needs for a growing economy;

·         The failed efforts at peace between Israel and the Palestinians including a tilt toward the latter and pressure on Israel to give up land captured in earlier battles for its survival;

·         The blind eye to Russia’s sale of arms to Iran, the avowed enemy of this nation;

·         The seizure and return of Elian Gonzalez to the Cuban dictatorship; 

·         The tawdry Lewinsky affair that degraded the office of the President, dragging us through months of lies in 1998.

Alan Caruba is a veteran business and science writer.  See his site The National Anxiety Center

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  © Alan Caruba, 2000

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