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By Jeff Brewer


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The very misguided Timmy McVeigh is slated to meet his Maker in a little less than three weeks, and predictably, the self-proclaimed experts are using the occasion to opine at length about the great eeeeeevil that he and his ilk on the exceedingly unbecoming far right pose to the chattering classes and their oppressed surrogates. Of course, I heartily disagree with this liberal take.

But before I take issue with what the hypocritical commies are saying, I want to preface my writ by proclaiming emphatically that I don’t empathize with Tim or his family; I know that McVeigh is a murdering lunatic who seems to have had a difficult time determining the difference between his intended target-"oppressive government"-and the "collateral damage" that included several children and scores of innocent government workers. I share his intense dislike of big government and particularly big government when the socialist liberals are at the helm. But, this congenial loathing of the welfare state on the part of McVeigh and myself doesn’t grant us license to kill and maim anyone…even commies!

So with that said, I want to take issue with the stream of unconsciousness that currently flows from the soiled leftists of this great country. Over the years since McVeigh was tried, convicted, and sentenced, liberals have made it a point to castigate those of us with more conservative tendencies as "mean-spirited racists and extremist Christians." They assert, among other things, that we want to destroy the federal government (we do want to shrink it appreciably) and punish those millions of Americans that receive assistance from Washington (we just want them to become self-sufficient). Best of all, the secret Christian illuminati wants to usher in an autocratic theocracy, and McVeigh’s callousness was just the beginning of that effort.

Well, to be sure, McVeigh is not a Believer; his calculated, wanton slaughter of 168 Americans certainly doesn’t bode well for the case of his being Born Again. The ignorant left likes to claim that McVeigh’s remorseless behavior is indicative of all Christians, if only we were able to get away with it! Of course, the likes of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel discerning the hearts and minds of Christians is laughable. But then again, these folks think they know everything.

True followers of Christ are necessarily pro-life and generally a lot of other things: Ardently anti-tax, advocates of a strong national defense, capitalists to the core, stridently against an intrusive, expansive government, and we’re usually proponents of the death penalty; we certainly aren’t pyro-crazed zealots or bomb-making fanatics. Tim McVeigh claims some of these values, as well, but allowing for that shouldn’t give liberals the ability to equate him with us. Christians don’t actively call for acts of domestic or foreign terrorism, and then, having committed said, describe innocent child victims as collateral damage.

Moreover, Believers are commanded by Scripture to submit to those that have authority over us, including governments. We can work to change those that have sway for the moment, but even then, we are to acknowledge their authority over Believers and non-believers alike. Tim McVeigh obviously didn’t grasp this truth from Scripture. And liberals, if they had any idea about what the Word of God actually said on such matters, would know not to associate McVeigh’s actions with the Truth observed by conservative Christians.

Tim McVeigh, like many of us in the conservative camp, feels a bit anxious and even pessimistic about America’s future prospects. We see the dishonesty and immoral excess wrought by the previous administration and more exactly the social decay of the past 30+ years, and it frightens us…it calls us to action. The events at Waco, the incident at Ruby Ridge, the storming of Little Havana by Reno’s thugs along with the countless examples of IRS property confiscation and other government reaches, sounds a siren in the hearts and minds of American Patriots. But whereas principled Christian conservatives desire only a reining in of our wayward Republic, the likes of Tim McVeigh seem to want to destroy the government, rendering all of us autonomous citizens governed by lawlessness. This sort of model espoused by McVeigh, a la the Wild West of 19th century America, inevitably implodes; such a scheme eventually cries out for codified law. And so the argument is circular, because the outcome of anarchy will always be the demand to create a limited government to control inherently evil men. And then in a while, limited governments become the Leviathan described by Hobbes and the Big Brother envisioned by Orwell. You see the cycle.

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Simply, government is a necessary evil; the anarchic alternative, though perhaps desirable by some, is not maintainable.

The attempted destruction of our nation by "post-modern liberalism", to use a psychobabble phrase, has forced many Americans, McVeigh included, to look elsewhere for an alternative. And McVeigh evidently reasoned the best course to be the one that advertises no government at all. His idea seems to be to throw off the prevailing regime and replace it with self-governance. A utopian idea, to be sure! As was discussed earlier, this notion won’t work in a society filled with depraved men and women. Conversely, Christians and even other conservatives see the only option (this side of eternity), to be a return to the republican form of government spelled out in our Constitution, i.e. a limited federal presence who’s duties are spelled out in the founding scrolls.

Ours is a constitution that is operable only when the people it governs are virtuous and pursuers of all that is honest. Apart from that, our Constitution quickly becomes obsolete; indeed, the liberal barbarians, so hostile to Christianity and basic goodness and virtuous living, are actively trying to destroy our founding document line by line. McVeigh doesn’t seem to understand that. His actions in Oklahoma City seemingly lumped these reprobate liberals and our blessed Republic in the same boat! This distinction must be delineated, else the sort of sentiment expressed by McVeigh and others will be seen as the prevalent vein in conservative thought.

I think McVeigh knows the difference between the numbskulls running the show and the show itself…at least I thought this up until he made the comment about the dead kids as being collateral damage. These socialists who have been in control and have been exerting a terrible amount of influence on our policy makers are the ones to blame, not our Republic, Tim!

Another issue that must discussed is the silence I hear coming from the left concerning McVeigh’s imminent execution. Where are the protests decrying this government-sponsored murder?! I know it’s still three weeks away, but where are the "Clerical" Crusaders Jesse Jackson and Albert/Alvin Sharpton and the National League of Urbanized Tree Dwelling Lesbians United to Stop the Death Penalty and other capital punishment opponents? Their silence is deafening. What if Tim McVeigh were a left-winger who’d torched a government building? Doubtless, McVeigh would be seen as a victim, and his fondness for C-4 as a child would have been diagnosed by the Freudians as a genetic disorder, and reason enough to absolve him of any wrong doing.

I have no remorse for Tim McVeigh. I won’t think twice about it when he’s executed in a few weeks, and I will not be the least bit surprised when the liberal talking heads rant about those "right wing nuts that want to destroy the government". They believe what their itching ears want to hear. And unfortunately, Tim McVeigh and many leading conservatives have done nothing to repudiate the claim that he wanted to destroy our government instead of saying he wanted to destroy those liberals that have attempted to ruin our Republic. This is a very big difference between these two aims. But whether or not McVeigh desired to remove the libs or to destroy the structure of our government is needlessly up for debate because no one has bothered to clarify. Hence, other conservatives, Christians and otherwise, are being labeled "would-be destroyers of the federal government."

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