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Air-strikes necessary to head off sinister Hussein plot

By Jeff Brewer


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These aren’t defensive weapons, either.  A ballistic projectile has no other purpose than to destroy its fixed or else relatively slow-moving target.  More than that, Saddam Hussein has power projections, which are by their very nature offensive in purpose. 

            Combine this knowledge with the particulars articulated by Iraqi defectors who detailed Hussein’s possession of two nuclear devices, and one can understand how close the monster is to realizing his goal for the destruction of Israel and even for the reprisal of those Western European and Arab nations that assisted in the coalition that disgraced him back in 1991. President Bush and his policy surrogates understand this threat.  Their pro-active decision to strike at the veritable lynch-pin (fiber-optics) of Iraqi military modernization is a welcome sign of a more realistic foreign policy. 

However, this one instance of pro-activeness on the part of the White House certainly doesn’t wipe away all of the damage inflicted on U.S. hegemonic status by the reactive, interventionist-crazed Clinton administration, but it is a start.  Recent statements from the top military and intelligence bosses convey a more sensible take on the Iraqi dilemma. General Henry Shelton’s early January, 2001 address to the National Press Club wherein he articulated a much more realistic view of the threat Iraq, China, Iran, Libya and North Korea pose to American security spotlighted a new sense of urgency.  CIA chief George Tenet contended much the same in his appearance before the House Select Intelligence Committee earlier this month.  It seems that after being muzzled or else being afraid to speak out about the reality of communist China and Hussein’s Iraq, these military and intelligence leaders are free to speak the truth about the current geopolitical power-scheme.  

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Nevertheless, Saddam Hussein has had nearly two years to progress unimpeded on his nuclear weapons programs after the previous administration failed to see to the re-introduction of UN weapons inspectors into Iraq.  And I will congratulate the Chinese and Russians, who in the spirit of Soviet “war by proxy,” seized this opportunity to assist Iraq in the upgrading of weaponry, and thereby agitated and weakened American superpower status in the region.  As a consequence of Clintonian naiveté, Iraq was literally laying the groundwork for the demolition of Israel.  If you doubt, consider the recent reports of Iraq’s massing of troops on the Syrian border; Iraq isn’t planning on invading Syria, one would think…unless, of course, Syrian territory provides the perfect launching point for an invasion of Israel.  Which it does.

It’s obvious that President Bush and his team of pragmatists recognized that Hussein was on the verge of loosing one of his pets on Israel or some other unfortunate state.  Accordingly, they punished Iraq for it’s insolent saber rattling.  My hope is that we continue to be pro-active, to position ourselves once again as an effective, credible protector of Israel.  Containment of Hussein is the operative phrase, and to do so we must have a believable deterrence in the Middle East and elsewhere.  For eight years now, our spoken word, our handshake, our signature has meant little.  As President Bush works to restore legitimacy to American diplomacy, it is important that the administration maintain a firm pro-Israeli posture and not this ambiguous nonsense employed by the please-all Clintonistas. 

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