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A Tale of Two Rats
DemocRAT Chris Lehane invades California
By Brent Barksdale


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It all started last week when I saw California Governor Gray Davis on five talk shows in one day. He was unusually on message. It sounded like he was on a campaign against Texas. He used the same phrase about 100 times: " out of state energy companies from Texas are gouging my state." I knew I smelled a rat. I was wrong though.

That could only be the smell of two rats!

It turns out that Governor Gray Davis just hired the self proclaimed "Masters of Disaster," Chris Lehane and Mark Fabiani of Clinton-Gore scandal and Gore 2000 fame. They are to serve as his consultants on the energy crisis in California for $30,000 a month.

The constant repetition of the blatant attacks on President Bushís state and the evil power companies are definitely the mark of these two out-of-state consultants. I guess the Governor does need the help though. His poll numbers are horrid and his reelection is right around the corner.

Chris Lehane and Mark Fabianni are good at what they do. They know how to get their clients out of a jam by going on the attack and changing the issue. During the Clinton years they were responsible for digging up dirt on Senators, Congressmen and Special Prosecuters who dared investigate the numerous Clinton scandals including Whitewater and Vince Foster. They did the same to those who were pursuing Goreís 1996 fundraising scandals. And donít even get me started on the DUI leak from Kennebunkport, Maine (Chris LeHaneís hometown).

Oh yeah, and letís not forget their statements during the Florida recount. Lehane made some waves for saying that Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris "was acting in the finest tradition of a Soviet commissar." Not to be outdone by his partner in crime, Mark Fabiani called Harris "a crony of the Bush brothers" who was "trying to steal this election away."

I canít wait to see the uplifting and positive statements and energy solutions these two out of state consultants will bring to the public debate in California. They must also have some great ideas on solar power and fuel cells to garner such a hefty fee from the California taxpayer.

$30,000 a month. Thatís a lot of money. In fact, $30,000 is enough to keep the lights on in an inner-city day care center for 10 years. Because isnít it really about the children?

Also, $30,000 would really mean a lot to a battered women shelter. Just think of how many abused women and their families could be helped with $30,000.

Wow! Just imagine how many California Condors $30,000 could save from extinction.

This $30,000 doesnít include the numerous polls and focus groups, which the California taxpayers have the pleasure of also paying for. You know- the polls and focus groups which are designed to decipher which words Gray Davis should repeat 100 times on talk shows to convince the voters that itís not the Democrats or the environmentalists fault that there havenít been any new power plants in California for 12 years.

Now, Back to the two out-of-state consultants though. I sure hope they arenít putting additional strain on the lack of power in California. Iím sure they are conserving energy during their visit. I bet the two out-of-state consultants use the cheap gas and only fill the tank half full in their SUVís when they commute to the California State Capitol for strategy sessions to review the latest California taxpayer poll numbers.



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