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Sex and the GOP: Doing Clinton Proud

By Martin Singer



(Washington, D.C.)  College Republican National Chair Scott Stewart could have a bright future in politics.  But if two former employees and an intern for the Republican Party have their way, it could be with Bill Clinton and the Democrats.

Three women have alleged in signed affidavits that Mr. Stewart sexually harassed them and misused College Republican funds in his capacity as College Republican National Chairman.   

Gorski claims Stewart constantly complained of a disease from which he suffered and complained that his, “penis continuously burned or was in pain.” 

Jenny Gorski served as office manager under Scott Stewart.  In her signed affidavit Gorski claims Stewart promoted a “hostile environment of sexual harassment” in the CRNC office.  Her affidavit listed several off-color sexual remarks made by Stewart.  For example, Gorski claims Stewart constantly complained of a disease from which he suffered and complained that his, “penis continuously burned or was in pain.”  She said Scott even commented on the small size of his genitalia.

Scott Stewart (r) canvasses for votes at a Yale Swim Team event.

Gorski continued, citing comments Scott Stewart allegedly made, that he prefers his “female employees to wear skirts, rather than pants, so I can look at their legs.”

Gorski’s affidavit also stated that in her capacity as office manager she observed several occasions where Mr. Stewart misused CRNC funds.  One such occasion involved using College Republican funds to purchase a personal plane ticket.  Other incidents involved paying for lodging and cellular telephone bills of friends with College Republican funds.

One alleged incident even may have violated Minnesota campaign finance law. 

Stewart apparently authorized the CRNC to pay for delivery services for the CRNC’s treasurer’s personal campaign for Minnesota state representative.

The second woman to come forward with complaints in an affidavit, Kathleen Kirst, served as an intern for Stewart and the CRNC.  She described the office as a “soap opera.”  She claimed explicit e-mails were posted on the bulletin board and offensive screen savers were displayed on office computers.  One such message was “Scott sucked in bed.” 

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Kirst also claimed in her affidavit that Stewart and an unknown male had conversations comparing the size of their genitalia.  She also described the atmosphere in the CRNC office as hostile and where sexual harassment of women was “condoned and promoted.”

The third woman, Youmna Salameh worked for the Republicans Abroad, which is located in the same building as the CRNC.  Salameh claimed that Stewart inappropriately touched several females including herself.  On one occasion Scott Stewart allegedly touched her hips, waist and legs while sitting next to Salameh at a Republican event. 

These affidavits and other evidence were presented earlier this year at the New Orleans College Republican Convention in an attempt to oust Chairman Stewart.  The effort failed to get the needed votes to remove him. 

The women then took their complaints to the Republican National Committee which is currently conducting its own investigation.  A decision on this matter by the RNC is expected shortly. 

These allegations may be true or they may be false, but one thing is for sure--Bill Clinton may have some competition in the coming years.  And we all know how far Bill Clinton  got in politics.  He got the top job.

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© Martin Singer, 2001

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