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A Democrat sees the light (and the real Al Gore)
A college student’s view of Debate #1
By Bret Rumbeck

Attention Republicans! The Democrats have officially given up hope as of October 4, 2000! The next eight years of presidential bliss are yours!

As a Democrat, there are many things that make me dislike my party. There are many people and issues that I don’t like to be associated with: Jesse Jackson, giving more and more money to people who are ‘below the poverty line’, and as of debate night, Vice-President Albert Gore, Junior.

I think the last time I saw an adult whine and cry when things did not go his or her way was when my grandmother was mad at grandpa for snoring during Matlock episodes. Why am I actually considering turning my back on my party and voting for Geroge W. Bush as the next president of the United States? Quite simply, Al Gore can’t make up his mind on anything important, and his ideas and plans for our country are the same as Bush’s, but with new adjectives.

For example, there is little difference between their Social Security plans, but Al likes to call his Social Security Plus. Oh, I get it now Al! We have to put money into a government plan every month, plus we have to let Al play with it instead of choosing where it is invested.

Al also has a great ability to jump on great ideas right in the nick of time. During the debate, Bush was asked about what he’d do with unexpected circumstances during his presidency. His answer was sincere, but then Al said he was in Texas during these floods, crying with Texans too. What Al should have said is this: "Well the best thing to do is go visit the Buddhist monks during disaster, cry with them, and then they’ll donate some money to fix the disaster." At least he would have been honest.

The last politician to sway that easily with public opinion was Benito Mussolini.

Finally, Bush was extremely polite during the debate. The Bush Family has a tendency to be rude at times, like when George Sr. threw up on the Japanese man. Al, on the other hand, could not seem to hack up what he was huffing on when Bush was speaking. Our next president needs to be strong, not pouting and whining when people do not see things his way.

Oh yes, this is the most important reason I am not voting for Gore. He was born exactly nine months to the day after the supposed incident at Roswell, New Mexico. Coincidence? I think not.

© Bret Rumbeck, 2000

Bret Rumbeck is a senior at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA.

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